Egg "Evo"lution: Vegan Egg Alternative By Evo Foods

Posted by Elixier on Saturday, July 25, 2020

Egg is a wholesome, nutritious food with high nutrient density. In proportion to the calorie count, eggs provide 12% of the Daily Value for protein and a wide variety of other nutrients like vitamins, minerals & essential amino acids. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two newly-recognized nutrients that have put eggs in the “functional foods” category.

Worldwide, India is currently 3rd in egg production. As per nutritional requirement, half an egg a day is optimal for an average healthy person, which translates into 183 eggs/person/annum and present availability is around 79 only. One of the great challenges currently posing us is how to provide safe and healthy animal food for the growing population without damaging the environment.

Due to the corona virus outbreak and awareness about the environmental impacts of livestock farming among consumers, plant-based proteins are surging in popularity across the country, with local businesses and venture capitalists looking to capitalize on the trend.

Inspired by US based Beyond Meat, an Indian food tech startup EVO Foods, is all set to transform India’s egg market with is plant based liquid egg alternative. Created with the latest food technology, the startup harnesses plant proteins derived from lentils to create a sustainable yet delicious “evolved” egg replica that comes without cholesterol, antibiotics or any animal cruelty. Product is also fortified with Vitamin D & Branched chain amino acids.

The company is planning to launch it’s first commercial product by mid-september. Although price and taste will remain key challenges to overcome, this liquid egg alternative is surely going to be a game-changer and the latest innovation in food technology, ultimately ensuring a sustainability.