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Hey, I am Gauri!

I am a Food Scientist. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not a chef or nutritionist. Food scientist is someone who solve problems you dont know you have in ways you dont understand. Complicated?

Let me give you examples. It’s Just like removing sugar bound calories and still giving you the same sweet taste. Knowing that you cannot carry all food to your workplace and trying to wrap it up in a convinient single serve pack. We don’t want your vegan friend to feel left out in meat parties and that inspires us to create meat out of plant proteins with similar nutrition!! Weird, isnt it?? That’s what we are, Food Scientists.

Elixier is my little corner of the internet created to keep you updated with latest industry news, innovations, startups and new product launches. We will also talk a little about food science, everyday and will also sometimes take a ride to some cool food joints.