Strawfit: Milk Flavoring Straws by Bourgeon Foods

Posted by Elixier on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Milk has attracted a lot of controversies in recent years. We all remember our growing up years, where drinking one to two glasses of milk every day was absolutely non-negotiable. Once seen as a must-have for a growing child, milk today has many detractors who claim that it should be completely removed from your diet.

However, milk continues to be an extremely nutrient-dense food, especially during the formative years of a child. Many children gulp down the glass of milk in one go while some just dismiss it straightaway. A lot of children create a great deal of fuss over drinking milk, and in case yours is the one – This innovation is for you!!!

Indore based start-up; Bourgeon foods have invented 100% recyclable, BPA free, food grade milk flavoring straws. Sounds simple??? But it’s fairly not!!! Their story began back in the year 2016, when a food lover duo, Rajat & his beloved brother Shashank started working on the idea of creating something unique, healthy & natural.

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Biggest challenge with this idea of “milk flavoring straw” was that they had nothing as a reference except their own imagination!! From concept to recipe to machinery everything was to be tailor made. It took almost 3 long & rigorous years of R&D to bring together the concept, taste profile, development process and machinery for the launch of Strawfit. Tasting 20-30 glasses of milk in a single day to ensure the best sensory experience for consumers is the memory, they still cherish!!

These straws are filled with tiny balls of nutrients and flavor, which when sipped through, turns boring milk into exciting and nourishing drink. Enriched with all essential vitamins, minerals and colostrum, these straws also help to strengthen the immunity, promote growth and keep you active for longer.

Bovine Colostrum is the most important ingredient of Strawfit. It’s a first milk of cow; secreted immediately after the birth of a calf. Colostrum differentiates itself from mature milk because of its higher concentration of proteins, immunoglobulins, vitamins, minerals, bactericidal agents (lactoferrin, lysosomes and lactoperoxidase) and growth factors that support gut health, promotes overall growth & strengthens the immune system.

Uniqueness of the Strawfit lies in the straw design that confers the convenience of having exact dose of nutrients per serving without any hassle. Unlike other products, you don’t need to waste your time anymore in weighing servings as per label instructions and then struggling to avoid lumps. You are not even wasting nutrients by leaving them at the bottom of the glass because of solubility issues. Also, Strawfit can be carried everywhere in any climatic conditions with no special care.

Strawfit uses combination of sugar & natural sweetener “stevia” for sweetness. This way, they have not only avoided the use of artificial sweeteners for kids but also have succeeded in reducing the percentage of sugar consumption per serving as compared to other products in the similar segment.

Most importantly, you need not worry about your child’s nutrition if he/she is allergic to cow’s milk or just sick of its taste!! Strawfit is completely compatible with vegan milk alternatives like soya milk, rice milk, almond milk etc. Although alternative milk proteins are not one for one swap for cow’s milk, Strwafit’s nutrition will take care of this gap in a fun way!! So, Next time when your child is making faces at the sight of milk try Strawfit and be assured that your child’s requirement is fulfilled.

Just like any other innovative brand, initially Strawfit has faced many obstacles in explaining the benefits of the product to people and convince them to try it!! But, if you look at the current scenario, Strawfit is available on all the major online platforms and had already made a special place in thousands of families around the country. This steady progress has helped them to be the part of Amazon Launchpad’s “India Innovators” this year. Offline business is currently limited to Indore, but PAN India presence & export business is on the horizon!! We are also expecting some more SKUs to Strawfit basket by next year!!